Principles to set you up for success

When you have a good attitude, it naturally follows you’ll do a great job. Clearfielders set themselves up for positive results by following our values…

Clearfield Perks - Stay on mission.

Stay on mission.

Clearfield Perks - Do the right thing.

Do the right thing.

Clearfield Perks - Be optimistic.

Be optimistic.

Clearfield Perks - Own it.

Own it.



Solving your problems before you have them

As specialists in the built environment sector, we talk every day to exactly the kind of people you need – whether a contractor, employer, project manager or temporary worker.

With staff drawn from both construction and recruitment backgrounds, we understand intimately how and why various project sites work, and will know which skills you’re really looking for. Clearfield gives you a pool of people with the resources to make an impact on your outcomes and ensure you can complete on what you planned and promised to do.

  • Quick to respond and find solutions
  • Easy to deal with and talk to
  • Familiar with all aspects of construction and fitting
  • Cost-effective, protecting your bottom line