The Most In-Demand Careers in Construction

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 15th May 2019

Here at Clearfield, we’re always looking for the very best candidates for our clients in the construction industry, and there are certain positions that we’re constantly working hard to fill.

Though you may think that in economically unstable times jobs may be hard to come by, this isn’t always true. In fact, a report from the Association for Consultancy and Engineering found that there’s a real skills shortage within the industry, and that there are 18 roles that are especially hard to recruit for.

Take a look at the findings…

  1. Acoustic engineers
  2. Bricklayers
  3. Carpenters
  4. Ceiling fixers
  5. Chartered surveyors
  6. Civil engineers
  7. Construction and building trades supervisors
  8. Construction project managers
  9. Design engineers
  10. Dry liners
  11. General labourers
  12. Groundworks
  13. Mechanical and electrical engineers
  14. Planners
  15. Plant and machine operatives
  16. Production managers and directors
  17. Quantity surveyors
  18. Structural engineers

Of course, these findings present some serious implications for the construction industry as a whole, and much speculation has been made around exactly why filling these positions is such a challenge.

One reason is the myths that are often associated with these roles. For example, it’s been reported that there’s a misconception that construction work is ‘dirty’, that it requires only brute strength and no real skill or intellectual nous, and that it’s just a job, rather than offering a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Though many are aware that these assumptions simply aren’t true, the very fact that they exist is a challenge in itself, and it’s clear that work needs to be done to educate the relevant people on what the industry can really offer.

Another reason that has been proposed is that the industry is not doing enough to attract young people. Though senior leaders have been talking about this for decades, and in many respects have done some great work, it’s been argued that efforts have been too fragmented and that a more coordinated approach is needed if real, positive change is to be realised.

Finally, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the implications of Brexit have been widely cited as a reason for the skills shortage. With the government’s immigration white paper proposing a £30,000 salary threshold and no route for the self-employed, many industry commentators have expressed their opinion that this is the exact opposite of what is really needed.

The full impact of Brexit is of course yet to be realised, but the surrounding discussions have shown that there are big challenges ahead for the construction agency and those interested in pursuing a career in construction work.

What’s evident is that this is a complex issue, and the reasons behind it are varied and hotly debated. It’s also clear though that for skilled individuals, a wealth of opportunity exists.

If you think that you have the necessary skills to fill the demand, why not register your CV with Clearfield today?

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