Top 10 Questions for Employers to ask in Interviews

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 11th October 2018

Interviewing is an art form. It is very difficult to really know someone after one meeting and even harder to know how they will fit into an organisation. However, a few simple questions will help you to master the art of the interview and find the right people for the job.

Tell me about yourself

You can learn a lot about someone from this question, particularly whether they focus on personal or professional details.

Tell me about the time when

It is easy to generally talk about skillsets, but it is a good idea to test candidates further on specific examples, relating to the job in question.

How will you contribute to the company?

It is very important to identify the specific goals of your new employee, and this is an early opportunity to do so.

What is the biggest professional challenge you have faced?

This question will help you to identify how a candidate faces adversity, this is key to how they might perform in problem situations moving forward.

How would you solve

Give candidates a specific problem to solve, something that they would encounter in the first months of their job, this will help to demonstrate how the

Why are you here?

By asking this question, interviewers are really looking for people who are excited about working for the company and not just getting a new job.

What is your ideal job?

A lot can be determined from this question, but interviewers will be most looking for passions and strengths.

What areas of improvement were identified in your last job review?

The answer to this question will help to identify a candidates honesty and also any potential weaknesses.

Where’s your passion?

Employing someone who is passionate about their profession, will help to ensure that employers find the best people, contributing to the success of the business.

How do you measure success?

This question will help you to identify what it is that each candidate values and whether it matches your thoughts for the businesses growth.

Do you have any questions that you think employers need to ask in interviews, let us know in the comments below.

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