Talent: First things first, you have to spot it!!

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 27th March 2019

We celebrated a milestone this week at Clearfield, one of those milestones that can pass by if you aren’t paying attention, but it means a lot to us so we thought it warranted a post here.

Danielle Smy, our Finance Manager celebrated her six year anniversary with the business this week. Having joined the business within its first year or so, Danielle is one of our most loyal and long standing team players, and we hope her journey tells a story about the prospects all of our team have here if they want to take it.

Danielle joined the business on a temporary basis to cover a shortfall on reception, quickly moving into general and payroll administration, Dani’s potential was spotted, and she joined on a permanent basis. She’s grown her skills and responsibilities steadily over the last few years, and with the businesses support studied for and passed her AAT level 2 and 3 qualifications.

Today she oversees our payroll, accounting and finance functions and does a great job for our clients and supporting our other team members.

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9th June 2023 / Dan Jarrold