Highly successful permanent placements made rapidly and cost effectively based on our market knowledge.

Our team of highly experienced recruiters have a unique method of working that saves our clients time, money and dramatically improves the quality of recruitment. It is particularly effective for middle and higher management positions.

Our consultants are all experts in their market sector, and we use this specialised inside knowledge to get our clients rapidly to the very best candidate for their role.

We continually invest in information and stay in touch directly with people in the market. Working in this way ensures that on our clients behalf we know who’s good, whether they are likely to move, and whether they are likely to move to you – before you even have need of them.

You benefit as we can put the connections together very rapidly. This shortens the recruitment cycle, the interview process and increases the long term success of your new people.

We work on both a contingent and retained basis depending on your role, timings and individual criteria.

If you would like to discuss, in confidence, any current or expected future need please get in touch.