8 Top Tips for Interview Success

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 15th November 2018

In life, there are few things as terrifying as an interview for a new job, and collectively, we spend years worrying about them, both before and after the event. For many of us, our worries are completely irrational and do not reflect how the interview actually pans out. How can we guarantee interview success.

Research the Industry & Company

Make sure you take the time to get to know the industry and company in question. This will make it easier should any questions concerning the company be put to you and also show that you are actively taking an interest beyond getting paid.

Bring Your CV to Each Interview

Bringing your CV to an interview in the first place looks prepared and professional, and if the interviewer has misplaced their copy, then it looks great to be able to simply pull out your extra copy and hand it over.

Be Assertive & Take Responsibility

It’s important that you take the opportunity to tell the interviewer the things that you thing are important or best about you. As such, take charge and don’t meekly wait to be asked about them, because the interviewer probably won’t.

Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are vital to your success. Some people believe that interviewers make up their minds about candidates within the first five minutes of the interview, so it is important to be bubbly, enthusiastic and happy to be there.

Be Positive

Being negative is not an attractive trait in any walk of life, and in an interview, the interviewer is keen to get a flavor of how you interact with others. Being upbeat, positive and generally likeable will create a good feeling within your prospective employer.

Think About Your Body Language

Your body language says to an employer all of the things that you are not saying. You might say all of the right things, but if you are slouched in your chair or looking thoroughly disinterested, then the interviewer will see immediately through it.

Close on a Positive Note

This is the last thing that an interviewer will remember about you, so tell them that you really want the job (only if this is true), it will set you apart from potential employees who will turn up, do the bare minimum and take their paychecks home.

Send a Thank You Note

After each interview, send a personal thank you note, thanking the company and your interviewer for their time. This will show that you enjoyed the experience and are keen to progress.

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