2017 – It looks like it’s going to be busy!

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 30th January 2017

Now that the dust has settled on the turn of the year, one thing is becoming very clear at Clearfield – it is going to be a busy year! Having established the business into three locations during 2016 and grown our staff resources to support our growing client base, both our capacity and demand for our services is rising month on month.

Our key focuses remain to shape our service, develop our staff and build great relationships with our clients, growth has consistently followed for us. In 2017 we are aiming to grow again, but in a measured way. Having built our active client base to over 200 businesses in 2016, our key drive this year is to get to know each of those clients better, build deeper relationships and develop the quality of the service we are delivering to them.

“2017 certainly looks full of opportunity” commented Dan Jarrold, MD, “early indications from our clients are that they are expecting no slowing to their own growth in 2017, in fact far from it”. Our goal is to continue to invest in developing our capacity to be able to deliver the high quality service that is rightfully demanded of us.

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9th June 2023 / Dan Jarrold