Story: 2018 – What a year that was!

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 2nd January 2019

Clearfield continues to grow strongly whilst reinvesting to create greater resources to support our growing spread and number of clients across the construction sector.
Our business changed gear again in 2018 and the pace of success for our team members, client, and the business has picked up month to month.

Some of the things that have made the biggest changes to our business in 2018:
– The very highest standards of motivation carried through the entire year throughout our home team
– We moved offices in Ipswich to create more space and a better environment
– We welcomed 24 new faces to the team during the year in a wide range of roles
– We changed practices based on our staff survey feedback and our people are even happier as a result
– We renewed our business plan for all staff
– Our Core Values were launched
– A new team structure is increasing individual opportunities for success and driving client service

Some of the results we enjoyed from doing these things:
– Personal records of all kinds have been smashed through the year for almost everyone in the business
– We grew past 40 people for the first time
– We broke margin and sales records continually throughout the year
– Our joint sales efforts introduced 138 new clients to the business, but importantly
– Out of our Top 20 clients during the year were 95% were repeated business clients

Massive thank you to our clients, candidates, and staff for your support throughout the year – we are looking forward to a great 2019.

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