Staff Share Scheme Launch – in it together

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 26th July 2021

About a year ago, and with much change in our market environment at the start of the Coronavirus Lockdowns, we redrew the business plan for Clearfield.

After implementing quite a radical restructure in many of the key areas of our business, we are deeply proud of how our team have adapted then thrived as a result.  The team trusted the leadership in the business to reshape the how and who at the heart of our delivery to candidates and clients, and we are really pleased this month to be able to formally launch a key part of our ongoing efforts to recognise and reward.

Our brand new Staff Share Ownership Scheme is now live and gives everyone in our business the ability to become shareholders.  This means everyone can enjoy and profit from the long term results of their efforts and successes.

This professionally managed scheme builds on our promise to recognise, reward and retain the people that make our business what it is.

It will be a key part of rewarding talent and loyalty, fostering entrepreneurism to allow our guys enjoy to become the player they want to be.

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9th June 2023 / Dan Jarrold