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£24 - £27 per hour

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Job Title: Dozer Operator
Location: Alton, Hampshire
Hourly Rate: £24 - £27 per hour
Employment Type: Full-time
Company: Clearfield Recruitment Agency

Job Overview:
Clearfield Recruitment Agency is actively seeking a proficient Dozer Operator to join our esteemed clients in Alton, Hampshire. In this role, you will play a vital part in various construction and excavation projects, operating heavy equipment like bulldozers to move, grade, and level earth. Your expertise will contribute to the successful execution of projects, all while enjoying competitive hourly rates and maintaining the highest safety standards.


Operate bulldozers and heavy machinery with skill and precision to perform earthmoving, grading, and trenching tasks as outlined by project requirements.
Interpret project plans, blueprints, and instructions to ensure accurate task execution while adhering to established timelines.
Conduct routine equipment maintenance to ensure optimal functionality, promptly reporting any mechanical issues to the maintenance team.
Prioritize safety by strictly adhering to protocols and regulations, creating a secure work environment for yourself and fellow team members.
Collaborate effectively with construction team members, including supervisors, surveyors, and laborers, to coordinate tasks and achieve project goals.
Prepare work areas before operations commence and ensure proper cleanup after task completion.
Regularly inspect equipment for signs of wear, damage, or maintenance needs, contributing to the longevity of machinery.
Maintain open communication with supervisors and team members, providing progress updates and promptly addressing any challenges.
Operate equipment with precision to prevent damage to underground utilities, structures, and obstacles.
Follow environmentally-friendly practices to minimize the impact of construction activities on the local surroundings.

Proven experience operating bulldozers and heavy equipment within construction or excavation settings.
Solid understanding of equipment controls, mechanisms, and maintenance procedures.
Familiarity with construction plans, blueprints, and grading techniques.
Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.
Excellent hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.
Strong attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in tasks.
Physical stamina and adaptability to varying weather conditions.
Strong commitment to safety protocols and a safety-conscious mindset.
Effective communication skills and the ability to follow instructions.
Preferred Qualifications:

Previous involvement in construction projects involving grading, land clearing, or excavation.
Additional certifications in heavy equipment operation or safety training.
Working Conditions:
This role primarily involves outdoor work in a variety of weather conditions. Expect extended periods of equipment operation, sitting, and standing. Physical endurance and precision in equipment operation are essential attributes for success in this role.

If you are a skilled Dozer Operator seeking a fulfilling opportunity in Alton, Hampshire, Clearfield Recruitment Agency eagerly awaits your application. Join our team of dedicated professionals committed to excellence in construction and excavation projects. Apply now by calling Danielle on 07585336559 or viki on 07502388057

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