Draft a Successful Cover Letter

Dan Jarrold Headshot by Dan Jarrold / 22nd February 2019

Writing a cover letter is your opportunity to show a prospective employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position in question. You should take the chance to state your key skills and abilities and the personal elements that you believe set you apart from the crowd.


Your cover letter needn’t be more than 3 paragraphs in length and should detail the following.

The vacancy that you are applying for and any related details (i.e. reference number, title and department number).

Your skills and abilities in relation to the role, and how they match to the original job description (make sure that you have read the job description carefully).

How availability you are for interview, the best method of contacting you and also that you are looking forward to hearing a response.

There is no need to produce a multiple page manifesto on your life history and every tiny good point that you possess. Be brief and be concise.

Grammar and Spelling

You really do not want your potential employers first impression of you to be littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, this literally shouts a lack of care and attention to detail, something that you don’t want to be known for before your interview even starts.

Make a great first impression, produce a successful cover letter.

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