Clearfield can resource, supply and payroll a wide range of motivated people to assist in the delivery of construction projects.

Clearfield can create a unique resourcing solution for your business.

Many of our clients take advantage of our resourcing and staff management skills to create highly reliable, motivated pools of freelancers that can be drawn in as required without the need for keeping them in employed status with your business.

The benefits to you are:

  • You only draw in and pay staff as you need them
  • Your overhead is significantly reduced and profitability increased
  • Your quality and standards are protected
  • You can easily cope with peaks and troughs in your workload
  • You spend much less time dealing with recruiting, contracting and releasing staff

What we can do:

It is best to talk to one of our experienced Account Managers about your needs but in brief we can:

  • Understand the demands of your staff needs and shortages
  • Fully investigate the market and create a shortlist of available freelancers
  • Interview and submit them to your training standard
  • Keep track of their availability and intentions to work
  • Stay in touch with you to ensure we are ready when your requirements change
  • Provide pre-interviewed and approved candidates at very short notice
  • Manage all elements of the logistics required
  • Cover expenses and accommodation costs if needed
  • Submit simple invoices to cover the costs

Where this may help:

This approach is especially helpful for work programmes that have large changes in volume, for example:

Retail banking refurbishment programme – where projects are released in tranches
Shop fitting or fit out programmes – where volumes are not constant
Education projects – where work programmes are squeezed into holiday times or for any especially busy times for your business
To find out how our existing clients are benefiting from this service, please get in touch. Our specialist team would be happy to discuss how we could help your business.